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Wieder einmal hat ein Händler nicht aufgepasst und die zukünftigen Releases für Infinity bereits online gestellt, wir wollen sie auch natürlich nicht vorenthalten:

  • ALEPH: Yadu Troops
  • Haqqislam: Khawarijs (4)
  • Non-Aligned Armies NA2: Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative (Boarding Shotgun) (1)
  • PanOceania: Echo-Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit (Paramedic)
  • Yu Jing: Daoying Operative Control Unit (Hacker)
  • Non-Aligned Armies NA2: Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative (Boarding Shotgun) (1)

Im Detail dürften sich viele vor allem Auf Raoul Spector und die Khawarijs freuen, die mit MSV2 und Mk12 viel Potential haben und einen neuen Haqqislam Sektor anzukündigen scheinen: Die Ramah Task Force.

  • ALEPH: Yadu Troops (4)
    The Yadu Troops are the elite shock unit of the SSS. Outfitted with first-class Lhosts as well as advanced weaponry and tactical equipment, the Yadu cast a shadow on any unit that would attempt to imitate them.
    This box includes four miniatures: One Yadu with HMG, one Yadu with Heavy Rocket Launcher and Submachine Gun, one Yadu Hacker with Boarding Shotgun and one Yadu with Combi Rifle and E/Marat. With this box we can reinforce our Operations Subsection of the SSS Sectorial Army of the Operation Coldfront Battle Pack (REF.280020-0730), allowing us to create a Yadu Fireteam: Core or have all the options to form a Special Fireteam: Haris with the Deva Functionaries.
  • Haqqislam: Khawarijs (4)
    The military-religious brotherhood of Khawarijs, the “Red Turbans”, was founded by a group of HaqqMuztazilite sages to protect Haqqislam from its foreign and domestic enemies. It is a tough, audacious light assault force of supersoldiers that recruits its members individually. This box includes four miniatures: One Khawarij with Boarding Shotgun, one Khawarij with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Khawarij with Mk12 and Multispectral Visor L2 and one Khawarij with Spitfire. With this box we can strengthen our Haqqislam Army (REF: 280489-0597) and prepare for the near future of the super-soldiers.
  • Non-Aligned Armies NA2: Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative (Boarding Shotgun) (1)
    Spector is a man who has died many times. He’s one of the privileged few who can claim to have undergone Resurrection not once, but several times. He also enjoys the use of a Lhost, an advanced biosynthetic body to replace his own. But these privileges are also his curse, a curse that binds him to a life of danger and death. If you want to provide to your StarCo force or any army within ITS and with the Soldiers of Fortune extra, Raoul Spector is your man. His Combat Jump Special Skill and his Boarding Shotgun will allow him to provide the coup de grâce to your enemies.
  • PanOceania: Echo-Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit (Paramedic) (2)
    The Echo-Bravo Unit is the tip of PanOceania’s bullwhip: quick, loud and painful as all Hell, one of the hardest units in action. This blister includes two miniatures: One Echo-Bravo Paramedic and one WildParrot. Thanks to their Airborne Infiltration Special Skill, we will have a Specialist spreading chaos with the WildParrot among the enemy lines. An addition that will provide mobility to your Varuna Immediate Reaction Division (REF: 281204-0743).
  • Yu Jing: Daoying Operative Control Unit (Hacker) (1)
    The members of the Operative Control Unit can maximize the performance of any troop under their command and are the gray matter of the Invincible Army, the true architects of their greatest victories. This blister contains one Dāoyīng Hacker with Boarding Shotgun. She will undoubtedly be an unpleasant surprise either for her tricks as a Hacker or for a point-blank range shot with her Boarding Shotgun, taking advantage of her camouflage. Do not hesitate to include this trooper in your force of the Yu Jing Invincible Army (REF: 281304-0753).

Bild: Sergej Faehrlich

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